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History of Chelsea Clocks

Chelsea Clock Company was established July 28, 1897 in Chelsea, Massachusetts by Charles Pearson. Following the failures of the Boston Clock Company in 1894, the Eastman Clock Company in 1895 and numerous early New England clock manufacturers, Chelsea promptly established itself with high quality timepieces for businesses and individuals.

The quality of the Chelsea Ship's Bell Clock received immediate recognition and became the preferred choice of yachtsmen and the shipping industry. The company soon became the primary supplier of timepieces to the United States Navy, creating Chelsea’s legendary reputation as the “Timekeepers of the Sea.”

Every American President since Woodrow Wilson has owned a Chelsea Clock and today the Office of Protocol continues to order Chelseas as Presidential gifts to foreign dignitaries. Their continuing uncompromising attention to quality has resulted in the company’s more recent reputation as “The Last Great American Clock Company.”

To find the full story of the Chelsea Clock Company and view an identification guide of clock models offered since 1897, please see our book Chelsea Clock Company: The First Hundred Years.

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